Skill India Needs Dedicated Efforts For A Better Tomorrow

Skill India Needs Dedicated Efforts For A Better Tomorrow

As the Indian economy is aiming to evolve into a knowledge-based economy through its steadily growing skilled workforce, there is a serious requirement of accelerating determined attempts towards ensuring skill development in India. To change over to a knowledge based economy, there is a need for young generation to be educated and skilled in all possible dimensions or arenas.

Such a transformation is possible with active participation and eagerness to learn and develop skills. An economy, which is driven by individuals who are knowledge workers or knowledge technologists, who have flexible approach and logical bent of mind, can be the real driving force for the country in terms of innovation and growth. This can be a real approach to achieve Skill India Mission of the Narendra Modi Government. Skill India is the dream which envisions each and every sector of the country. It is one of the key responsibilities of the Government, the whole of the corporate sector, community based organizations along with every committed individual who wants to work for the skill development of the youth. Besides, to accomplish this dream of ‘Skill India’, there is a need of flexible education system as well. This includes basic education which provides a strong base for learning. Secondary education should be a help in sharpening the fundamental capabilities and the primary technical skills. Such kind of education can help in attaining a lifelong learning bent of mind. The ‘Skill India’ education should generate awareness about the global environment, nurturing creativity and improving the standard of education and training at every level of education. It is of foremost importance to contribute to quality education when it comes to secondary and higher education. We need to remember the vocational education and training is the need of the hour if India wants to compete in the world market. In one of the Five-Year Plans it has been mentioned that the skills should be made an integral part of the formal education at every level. There is need to understand that there are many obstacles in front of the government regarding its ‘Skill India’ project. The objective of the National Policy for Skill Development Entrepreneurship is to provide a structure to all skilling activities. The policy recognises the institutional framework, which is the driving force behind the achievement of the results that are expected.

The Skill India project is linked to the skill development to increase the employability and productivity of the people especially the youth. These employment opportunities and increased productivity will ensure more and more growth for the country’s economy as a whole. The various awareness programs will enhance the more number of individuals and organizations to participate in the skill development programs which will be of immense importance for the ‘Skill India’ initiative. Skill India is a dream, if fulfilled, can lead to the greater heights for the country’s economy. We will have skilled workforce by the way of which we will be able to create an ecosystem of where every skill will be utilised.

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