Online Tutoring in Regional Languages, Now in India

Online Tutoring in Regional Languages

In India, e-learning and Online Tutoring aren’t alien terms. Some students have already tried their hands on the convenience & quality it has to offer. However, majority of students & parents still hesitate to take Online Tuition. One of the prime obstacle being the “Language Barrier”. In a country like India, which has 23 various official languages, students often have a hard time overcoming this hurdle. Although English is our Official Language, but not all Indian students have the luxury to study in English-Medium Schools. Many students study in schools having Hindi, Bengali or Urdu as their primary medium of Instructions. After survey, even the students of English Medium Schools reveal, they understand better when explained in their Mother Tongue. Although they have talent and are awarded for their performances, students of such schools are ostracised by our society. They are not as encouraged as their peers from any English medium school. As a result, their progress is hindered.

What they need is: Skilled tutors who can tutor in Regional Languages. Teachers in Hindi, Bengali, Urdu etc for various new-age and complex subjects Such students and their parents relentlessly look for a solution to overcome the crisis of Tutors in regional languages, but they are stuck with options like underperforming Local/Home Tutors.

“Every student of the Digital age is searching for a smart way to score high and ace the academics. To achieve this, they look for Online solutions. However, the first obstacle students run into is Language Barriers. Commonly, in E-Learning World, the language used for instruction between the student and his tutor is English. But conversing is an uphill battle when there’s a barrier to communication between the two.”- said the CEO and founder of TutStu, Mr Subham Das. He proudly added – “For these reasons, we provide new and reliable language filters on our website. Apart from English, we provide Tuitions in 14 Different Languages like Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Telugu etc. The list also includes some Foreign Languages as well, like German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean etc. With this new Feature, any Student looking to learn Math can find & learn Math from Tutors who can speak Hindi or Bengali.” This new feature gives hope of easing the process of searching for compatible Online Tutors. Students will be able to find & learn from tutors while communicating in their mother tongue or any other language that is preferable to them. For example, A student whose mother tongue is Tamil and who wants an engineering tutor can easily find Engineering Tutors in Tamil. Similarly a student who wants to be tutored computer science in Hindi can find a suitable tutor.

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