PLAY Preschool – Engaging Preschoolers with Fun Activities for New Teachers

Teaching preschoolers is not as challenging as it seems to most new teachers with young preschoolers. With the right educational techniques, you can engage them with songs and activities that make learning fun for both of you. In fact, teaching young children is enjoyable, and you will discover that on the first day of the class. Though they are not fluent in a language, they have the flexibility to learn new things easily. They pick up lessons quickly and enthusiastically.

PLAY Preschool – Teaching kids with simple activities

PLAY Preschool in Silverlake is an esteemed school for young children in the USA. The teachers here are trained and experienced when it comes to teaching young children.  They state that preschoolers love activities with their friends in class. So, an excellent way for new teachers to teach them is through simple activities. Since they are so young, their attention spans are quite short. It is here that teachers need to improvise as per the class’s needs and make the activity interesting that they do not get distracted easily. Most of the preschool activity is simple. Games like Simple Simon says, is an interactive and enjoyable game for young children. You can even place the children in small groups in the classroom and make them do easy activities together. For instance, you can use vocabulary cards with pictures to teach them. A fun game with this card is to have them face up on a table. When the word is given to them, they need to slap on the card with the word. In this way, they develop their listening skills and learn new words.

Songs with gestures

For young children, songs with gestures work really well. They remember them better. For instance, you can have a song with their morning activities like brushing their teeth, bathing, eating breakfast, etc. You can teach them simple activities they do throughout the day with songs. Another effective way for you to use songs in the classroom is for speaking practice. You can teach the children new gestures for words in the song. In this way, they can pick up new words. It becomes simple for them to remember these words even after they go home. As a teacher, you need to note you must have very high levels of energy. When you are starting with little children, the songs and gestures might seem funny, but the kids really enjoy them. In this way, you can keep them engaged as well.

The teachers at PLAY Preschool say that preschoolers cannot understand worksheets. They are too small to write and use them. Instead, you can use coloring sheets, crayons, and lots of flashcards to teach them new things. You can tell them short stories and encourage them to draw pictures. They use their creative skills and imagination to create pictures that they later can color. Teaching young children is an enjoyable experience. You will find immense pleasure in the classroom. So, if you are a new teacher with toddlers, keep these simple tips in mind for some amazing classroom sessions with your little ones!

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