How many words in an essay?


Essays usually have a word limit given as part of the instructions. This is an arduous task for writers who often write without being limited to a certain number of words. It can also intimidate students when they see they are asked to write essays that have many names. It makes most of them want to give up. It is a task that will bring headaches to students.

In this article, we will give you a structure of writing that will make you reach the word limit of the essay you have been tasked to write.

The methods

Create your target first

Write down the number of words you are required to write. For example, if you are asked to write a 1000 words essay, strive to add 25% on top of the required number.

Create the target by division

Break the target into the many small sections or that are important in the essay. If you are going to have five sections and you are asked to write a 1000 word essay, divide the number of parts and the total number of words between knowing the number of words per section. In this case, it will be 200 words per piece.

Write the subheadings titles.

The essay has a main topic or title and subheadings; in this case, let us use five subheadings. For example, the title at the top and five subtitles include an introduction, Reasons for the following, and examples backing up the argument and conclusion. Your writing will be more focused on these subheadings if they are well detailed.

The writing should start after the introduction headline. Have the word count function of the word processor.

Write all the things that come into your mind naturally when introducing the topic. Do not edit anything at this point. After reaching your target, finish the sentence and drop the cursor under the next headline subsection. You will surpass the word limit when you use this method.

Reread your words backward

Read your essay from the bottom to the top. If you come across long sentences or phrases that do not make sense, cut them out. You will be able to remove unnecessary words that do not make sense to the essay.

Proofread your essay from top to bottom

Fix all the grammar mistakes and ensure that the article is flowing naturally. Add transitions between sequences in this section

Types of essays with their word limit

High school essay

300-1000 words; the ceiling of the essays you write in high school is usually 5 paragraphs

College admission essay

200-600 words; It is short since you are explaining your personal experience. They have a stringent word limit

Undergraduate college essay

1500-5000 words

Graduate school admission essay

500 -1000 words. They comprise of your statements and are very short

Graduate school essay

2500- 6000 words. They are very long since they involve high academic levels


Writing an essay requires you to have a clue about how many words in an essay. There are some instances where you are given the number at the instruction. In this article, we have provided different types of essays and their number of required and methods of meeting your world limit.

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